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Baking Bread and Learning English

Bread … can be super delicious … or disappointing!
Bread … can be eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Bread … just contains a few basic ingredients … and still tastes different every time.
Bread baking is easy and difficult at the same time … if you don't have the skills to do it!
But - be prepared: it can become a passion and you will never buy bread from the supermarket any more!

In my
Basic Course you will learn about

  • various kinds of flour
  • small vs big amounts of yeast
  • techniques like mixing, kneading the doughs, stretching and folding, rising, shaping, proofing and baking
  • basic equipment needed for baking bread and rolls and where to get it.

In the course
we bake various breads and bread rolls. We only use organic flour! At the end of the course, the bread and rolls are distributed among the participants and you can take them home to savour with family and friends!
Don't be nervous if you think your English is not good enough! Everything will be explained in detail and - if necessary - partly in German.

Course procedure

Friday 4 pm to approx. 8 pm
  • meeting and getting to know each other
  • forming the prepared seed dough into rolls
  • baking the seed rolls for supper
  • preparing polish, seeds and doughs for the next day
  • learning how to stretch and fold a dough
  • having supper together

Saturday 8 am to approx. 3 pm
  • preparing the ingredients, kneading doughs, proofing, shaping breads and rolls
  • learning how to bake bread in the normal household oven - various possibilities
  • talking about the advantages of long dough processes
  • preparing and baking burger buns
  • having lunch together with burgers and cheese rolls and various spreads

What is included in the course price?
  • supper on Friday and lunch on Saturday including coffee, tea, soft drinks, water
  • folder with recipes English and German
  • vocab training lists for ingredients and kitchen utensils/equipment
  • bread and rolls to take home
  • course price: 295 € incl. VAT

Course dates: 22-23 Sept 2023
If you would like to join the course, please
contact me and I will get back to you.


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